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Static and Mobile Guarding Services

The difference: carefully selected qualified guards, experience, and on-going training .

Keep your property, project, and business safe with Nesma Security’s static and mobile guarding services and highly trained uniformed teams of security officers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a reputation for reliability, quality, and responsiveness, we protect a wide range of facilities and sites, including mega construction projects, oil and gas facilities, petrochemical and industrial complexes, offices, educational campuses, and diplomatic missions.

International companies, government agencies, and local organizations choose Nesma Security because of our strongest asset: our professional guards who are vetted through a strict selection process and benefit from our industry-leading program of continuous development and corporate culture. Nesma Security’s mobile and static guard operations are supported by a 24/7 manned operations and incident response Control Center and country-wide network of supervisors and managers who are ready to answer your needs. All this has built our reputation as highly professional static and mobile guarding services providers.

Canine (K9) Services Unit

The difference: security dogs rigorously trained every day.

Detect dangerous materials and leaks, track people and items, and bolster security with Nesma Security’s K9 services which features highly trained dogs. We advise you on which dog breeds best support your precise needs and provide canine services to:
Search for specific threats to your facilities, including:
Explosives, weapons, and other dangerous materials
Petroleum and gas pipeline leakages undetectable by human senses
Petroleum and gas leakages inside plants before they can be detected by human senses
Nascent petrochemical fires
Illegal drugs and alcohol
Quell civil disturbances
Track missing persons or objects
Handle immediate threats such as bomb scares and suspicious packages
Deter intruders
Nesma Security’s unique K9 capacity across Saudi Arabia is possible thanks to our K9 facility in Jubail. Here we maintain the highest standards of K9 training and care. Our K9 security teams are not only a visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats, but they also deliver the most effective countermeasure available for explosives detection, early leakage discovery, and material search.
Our K9 teams are audited and assessed regularly, they operate across different facilities including oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial, construction sites, and diplomatic and residential compounds.

Armored Transportation Services

The difference: adopting the most up-to-date technology.

Keep your cash and valuables safe. Nesma Security understands the unique challenges the financial, banking, and retail sectors and cash-heavy businesses face in Saudi Arabia. This is why we act as your partner to manage supply chain security, handle cash and valuables more efficiently, protect assets, reduce costs, minimize risk, and increase efficiency. Working closely with you, we offer you tailored secure logistics solutions. To go the extra mile while seamlessly integrating services and providing convenient end-to-end operations, Nesma Security taps into our group-wide capabilities which include GPS tracked and monitored armored secure logistics transport, vaulting and cash management services security guarding, technical solutions, cargo handling, port facilities, and aircraft.
Our armored transportation services include:

Cash-in-transit (CIT) - Reduce risk and opportunities for theft, eliminate employee trips to the bank, and increase security with our bespoke cash transit solution with scheduled cash collections.

ATM Solutions - Benefit from 24/7 ATM replenishment services alongside cash forecasting and ATM technical services, tailored to meet your special requirements.

Retail, Hotels, Healthcare and Commercial Establishments - Accelerate deposit credits, strengthen cash control and reporting, and reduce operating costs and internal losses with our bespoke integrated cash and valuable secure logistics solutions.

Jewelry - Enjoy secure, insured, and reliable rapid transport for jewelry, watches, and other small high value items, in addition to guarding and technical solutions for retail sites plus security support for major events and exhibitions.

Airports and Civil Aviation Security

The difference: international training that complies with GACA and IATA requirements.

Soar to new heights of safety with trusted airport and airline security. An authorized and licensed security service provider from the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Nesma Security offers you:

A team with certified training by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Specialists who can launch and maintain high security standards at any airport in Saudi Arabia.

Security Systems & Technology

The difference: offering you the latest high-tech solutions.

Take security to another level with the right technology and systems. At the forefront of innovation, we have a reputation for empowering clients with cutting edge security technology and systems. Through our association with leading international security technology solutions partners, we offer integrated technical services and solutions for your projects anywhere in the KSA. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, Nesma Security’s teams of expert consultants, project managers, engineers, and technicians successfully deliver results: from mega project facilities systems integration to turnkey integrated solutions for construction sites, commercial buildings, offices, residential buildings, and hotels. Nesma Security also provides project managers and standalone or globally integrated systems.

VIP Secure Transportation Services

The difference: a professional team that speaks different languages.

Travel securely inside Saudi Arabia with Nesma Security. Our unique VIP secure transportation solution for executives of all nationalities is renowned for being well-planned and delivering real peace-of-mind. Our services include:

Professional drivers with excellent communication skills

VIP vehicle, SUV car, or minibus, based on your needs

Tracking system in the car

Backup car and driver as a contingency plan

Response team for eventualities or emergencies

24/7 Helpdesk service

Full program planning