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Vision 2030

Protecting Saudi’s visionary goals.

Nesma Security actively contributes to the Vision Realization Programs through our corporate culture, operations, services, and training.

Housing Program

We support our Saudi employees through special housing loan agreements with several banks

Fiscal Sustainability Program

Our firm and services contribute to the enhancement and development of the Kingdom’s non-oil revenues.

Human Capability Development Program

Our core training program fosters the values of moderation, tolerance, mastery, and discipline while instilling national values and strengthening the sense of national belonging. In conjunction with this, our on-going training builds a lifelong learning journey and expands vocational training based on labor market needs.

Quality of Life Program

Through our security solutions, we improve the living conditions of expatriates, develop tourism, and upgrade the quality of services in Saudi cities. This includes hiring and training team members from the local communities we operate in across the Kingdom. Also, our core training program enhances community immunity against drugs.

Health Sector Transformation Program

We enhance traffic safety through traffic control work.

National Industrial Development and Logistics Program

Our security services help create and improve the performance of logistics hubs and enhance the local, regional, and international connectivity of trade and transport networks.

National Transformation Program

The high standards of our security services facilitate doing business, improve the work conditions of expatriates, and enhance the quality of services citizens experience. We even offer our services for free to certain non-profit organizations and some governmental authorities. Committed to increasing women’s participation in the workforce, we have female officers and always include female officers in our proposals to clients. We empower citizens through the welfare and social development system and are pushing forward the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) integration agenda by planning the opening of new branches in the region.